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Angelina Paraliki is an International Psychic Medium offering professional consultations for life guidance by connecting with the source of universal energy that flows through us all.

From this unique perspective she is able to help others develop their own gifts, connect with their loved ones in Spirit, or simply gain a deeper understanding and an insight with which to move forward in their lives.


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Diverse skill set to accommodate any need

Angelina offers a variety of psychic services using tools like the Tarot, the illustration of Symbols and of Spirit Portraits, along with her Mediumistic connection. Clairvoyance and spirit communication have been abilities of Angelina's since she was a child, but it was in the year 2000 that she intuitively received the "Language of Light Symbols", which further heightened her natural abilities. Accompanied by her intuitive teachings and workshops, an experience with Angelina can offer messages of guidance and support to her clients, with a sense of fulfillment and creative expression for those looking to expand their own abilities.



Angelina can intuitively work with you, using multiple tools and techniques to help guide you along your path!


If you feel the urge to explore and expand your own gifts, Angelina can help guide you on your journey!

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